Our New Brand Identity and Website

After being in business for more than 10 years we finally decided it was time to refresh and upgrade our website, as it was long overdue!

Our new logo reflects the “circle of life” and we feel it is very appropriate as our reprocessing technique enables valuable polymer compound to be re-used and not disposed of in a very inefficient manner for the customer.

We are now included in various social media vehicles including Twitter and LinkedIn .

Within our manufacturing plant we have recently conducted a programme of upgrading and renewing our production facilities. These enable us to be even more flexible on the size and weight of batches of the de-vulcanised rubber polymer compound we produce.

Our novel system works for all elastomeric compounds we have tried to date. We have 100% customer loyalty and have had no quality issues regarding our process in the history of the company.

It’s an exciting time for us all here as our ongoing business development is allowing us to grow in a controlled way. We are conducting several pilot production runs with customers within the EU and there are customer trials currently being conducted in 3 separate locations.

As part of our diversification we are currently negotiating several other partnership deals to expand our technology in other Continents. Meetings have taken place with like minded companies in both the USA and India with a view to enable us to break new ground.

Our outlook for the future is a very positive one!

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