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I have worked in the polymer industry for 42 years and have been involved in an extensive range of product types.

In 1974, I achieved a Degree in Applied Chemistry with Polymer Specialisation and went straight into working for Plastic Coatings Ltd in Surrey with my role being a Research Chemist. I covered all aspects of polymer formulations including PVC and Polyolefin products.

I then moved into a commercial role with Longfield Chemicals Ltd in Cheshire selling raw materials into the plastics, rubber, paint and ink industries. Here I gained knowledge of a wide range of different polymer businesses and built up many good working relationships with all my customers.

In the early 1980’s , I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to become the joint owner of Acrol Ltd which produced PVC plastisols and liquid dispersions. Manufacturing was a big part of the business but I also developed and ran a trading division arm within the company, which resulted in me becoming the Export Sales Director particularly for Europe. France and Poland being the two best performing markets for me at the time.

After an approach from a multi-national in the USA with an offer to buy the company as part of their expansion plans into Europe, my partner and I decided to sell and take a back seat. Happily this gave me more time to enjoy my leisure activities including holidays, going to football matches and playing snooker for my local team.

Subsequently after enjoying a sabbatical I was approached by the founders of HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd in 2006 to become a Director and Chairman of the company. It was such an exciting new project to get involved in and encompassed many aspects of my experience and background. How could I refuse!

It has been an absolute pleasure to help HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd grow and progress since it began and I am looking forward to our continued success from here on.



In 1986, after completing my Bachelors in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, I joined Francis Shaw and Co. (M/cr) Ltd as a Laboratory Technician, developing customer’s processes on rubber and plastics equipment, and following this development into the customer’s plants for equipment and line start-up. This position gave me 8 years of intensive training across the world in a wide variety of polymer industries covering all aspects of mixing and extrusion technology.

In 1994 I moved to the USA to work for a major custom compounder, where my prior training allowed me to assist in the building of two greenfield mixing plants using state of the art equipment. In a collection of roles from Production Manager to a member of the engineering team I was fortunate in being able to meet customers, both internal and external, and assist in offering process solutions across an extensive range of polymer types and applications.

I returned to the UK in 2004, bringing with me a collection of musical instruments that I continue to try to play. I worked for a short period for an engineering company developing equipment for the polymer recycling industry – which in turn motivated me to take a closer look at the current devulcanisation technologies. It became obvious to me that there was a huge potential within this industry to provide a quality service for high value materials which was lacking in the industry, and so with my partners we launched HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd in July 2006.

After 30 years of experience in the rubber industry – in all its forms – I’m still learning and I’m proud to be a Director of the company as we continue to grow the business as a quality service provider to the most exacting clients in the industry.



Jeff began his career as an Apprentice Engineer at Francis Shaw & Co (M/cr) Ltd at the tender age of 15 , at the same time signing for Manchester City FC with the hopes of turning professional. Suffering a knee injury put an unfortunate end to that ambition, but did not lessen his love for the game.

At Shaw’s Jeff progressed through several departments from being an Instructor in the Company Training School to the Special Projects Department, and then finally to the International Sales Department specialising in selling Compound Mixing Plant equipment from 1964-1998.

In 1999 he transferred to International Sales with Farrel Ltd, gaining invaluable experience throughout the rubber processing industry. 2004 saw Jeff become Sales Manager at Watson Brown HSM, a company involved in ‘mechanochemistry’ – mechanically changing the chemistry of complex compounds.

In 2006 Jeff joined forces with the other partners to form HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd.

Jeff retired from active service in 2015 but remains an integral part of the company as a Consultant and remains on the Board of Directors where his vast knowledge of the elastomeric and compounding business continues to be extremely valuable to the company.
In his spare time Jeff continues his love for sport – particularly football – where he enjoys watching his former team’s games on a regular basis, that is… Grandchildren permitting!



I joined HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd in May 2015 as General Manager, to ensure a smooth transition was maintained when Jeff Savage retired from the day to day operation of the company.

Although I am the newest member of the team, I have been working in the polymer industry for over 25 years. I started my career at Total Petrochemicals Ltd and alongside this I also began studying at Manchester Metropolitan University on a day-release basis. This culminated in me graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Polymer Science & Technology in the year 2000.

Along my career path and as a Polymer Chemist, fully conversant with all polymeric materials, additives and fundamental processing techniques, I have also worked for some of the largest, specialist polymer companies in the North West of England. These include Stamford Products Ltd, Colloids, Berwin Polymer Processing Group and Fothergill Polycom Ltd.

I am delighted to have joined HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd in what is an exciting time for our company. I’m looking forward to using all the skills that I have gained within the polymer industry, to understand our customer’s needs and requirements. In turn, to build lasting customer relationships and deliver sustainable growth.

In my spare time, I like to play squash, football, run, watch non-league football, go to the cinema and also have a keen interest in cooking, as a budding amateur chef!



After leaving University I entered articles and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. I left public practice and became Financial Accountant at Carborundum UK Ltd an American Company which had advanced costing systems as well as strict timescales for the preparation of monthly accounts which were wired to the parent company. I then returned to public practice and became a partner of a medium sized company.

One of the companies I acted for was half owned by the current chairman and I was personally involved from the inception in 1980 until its successful sale in 1999. In 2006 I was approached by the other two director’s who had the chance of converting the many years of testing the product to go it alone and purchase from their employer the patents and know how of the process. The purchase consideration and the set up costs were too much for them and they needed a White Knight to help them. The introduction to the chairman and his considerable knowledge of the industry was perfect and since then the company has made steady progress establishing itself both here and abroad. I have now retired from practice but maintain a close relationship with the company in accounting, budgeting and planning.

During my spare time I play golf at Sale Golf Club and I am also a season ticket holder at Manchester United much to the annoyance of the chairman.




I joined HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd in 2010 as a Production Operative and soon settled in to the role. I enjoyed learning new skills and even though it was a steep learning curve I adapted well and quickly proved myself as a key player in the optimisation of all our processes.

Along the way I have introduced various techniques which have streamlined and enhanced our productivity. I currently hold the position of Senior Technician.

In my spare time I like to workout on a regular basis and go running at weekends to keep myself fit and healthy. I also enjoy watching movies and spending time with my family. I like the challenges of learning new things and push myself hard to see how far I can go with anything I do. This is reflected in my day to day work at HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd.

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