What We Are About


We are possibly the only company in Europe reprocessing high value, elastomeric compounds using our unique process of de-vulcanisation.

Download the “Reprocessing of Polymeric Materials for Reincorporation into Moulded Components” (PDF 1.2MB)┬ápaper.



We are totally dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through our commitment to product quality.

Having worked with our customer base for many years we have built up very close and open working relationships. We are in an enviable position in that we enjoy 100% customer loyalty and have never ‘lost’ any customers over our 11yr history.

Our polymer knowledge and experience is recognised by our customers and it provides them with significant cost savings by reprocessing their discarded material as an alternative to permanent disposal.



We pride ourselves in the way we adopt the suitable practices and conditions which are paramount in satisfying our customers individual requirements.



Our ISO 9001 Accreditation reflects our continued commitment to constantly provide the best possible quality of product. We have never had any stock returned to our company.

Testing is carried out throughout our process to check for dispersion and contamination to ensure consistency and high quality of the finished material.



Our people are critical to the success of our business and by utilising their skills of innovation and resource we continue to build our business year on year. We have a team who constantly strive to exceed customer expectations and who are recognised for their expertise and hard work.

We are the best at what we do!



It is company policy to concentrate on the specialist task of reprocessing and allow customers to control as much of the supply chain as possible in order to ensure an economic and viable operation. By mutually minimising costs with customers it is the company’s aim to grow as partners in a greener world.

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