Our Service

We are a specialist company. We know what we are good at and we have the experience to do it efficiently, consistently and cost-effectively. We are totally committed to providing customer satisfaction.

By focusing on these things, we can help you to keep your costs down. The view of our company is that it is important to recognise the value of your discarded material as opposed to it being a cost to you and the environment.

Our philosophy is that we should be able to grow with you as partners in a greener and more efficient world.

For us to accomplish this with you, our customer, our service follows the steps below:-

  1. Segregated materials by polymer/grade type are inspected and cleaned to ensure no contamination enters the process. Our service requires us to work in a very clean environment as a result.
  2. All batches of reprocessed material are routinely tested and inspected.
  3. Reprocessed materials are returned to you in sheet form that can be easily added to your compounding equipment.

We keep our costs down by focusing on our process. We believe that you are better placed within your business to arrange material transportation to and from our facility, and this allows you to control your transportation costs.

All reprocessed materials will be packaged according to your requirements and when possible the boxes and pallets that are used for the material delivery to the plant are used for the return journey. We don’t want to increase your reprocessing costs by increasing our costs unnecessarily.

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