The Process

We at HS Polymer Reprocessing Ltd have developed a process that can convert your discarded vulcanised materials back to you in a form that is clean and easy to incorporate into your virgin material at no extra processing cost. Once incorporated, your material shows little or no loss in the physical properties of your virgin material.

Our process returns ‘vulcanised’ rubber compounds to a ‘de-vulcanised’ state where they will flow like the original virgin rubber compound, without the use of additional ingredients.

This allows the de-vulcanised material to be reincorporated into the original material at high levels during the compounding stage of manufacture, with little change in the required physical and mechanical properties.

The HS Polymer Reprocessing process mechanically de-vulcanises polymeric materials that have been unfortunate enough to find themselves in the wrong part of the mould during the moulding process – flash or sprue.  Whatever the polymer process method (extrusion, compression/injection moulding) , whatever the part (lip-seal, gasket, ‘O’ ring, belt) and whatever the industry (technical rubber compounders/processors, automotive, oil, gas, pharmaceutical) it is hard to avoid generating some level of waste during the manufacturing process, but simply because these materials are thermosetting and not thermoplastic does not mean that they have come to the end of their reusability.

We focus on high value materials (FKM, FPM, HNBR, ACM etc) because these are the materials that have the highest value to you – but the process can work equally well on any type of elastomeric compound utilising any type of curing package.

We have applied this technology to high value rubber compounds where both price and quality are critical.

In brief this technology opens up the potential to significantly reduce your discarded material produced during the moulding/finishing process, converting this back into useable material having regained its original value . This can then effectively re-enter your manufacturing process and be converted to finished product.

We have been successful with our customers in this process since our inception in 2006.

To read more about the potentials of this process download the “Reprocessing of Polymeric Materials for Reincorporation into Moulded Components” (PDF 1.2MB) paper.

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